The South Coast Scrubbers

South Coast Scrubbers was a lively parody of the Iron Man beach culture—complete with drills, beach teams, uniforms, races, medals to win etc. The role and place of women on the South Coast was added to this theme and the South Coast Scrubbers was born.

A ‘sharp’ Scrubbers uniform was created using the yellow and red colours of the surf beach flag and modified to suit each of the 6 characters. Their individuality was further reflected in the way their head scarf was arranged. A black leotard underneath, with SCRUBBERS in large letters affixed to each character’s bum was a highlight.

The surfboard/ironing board props, created by Keyna Imray were an absolute winner. They were used for surfing, ironing and athletic (?!) adagio moves to the music of Wipe Out.

The costumes, props and concept created a lot of fun and interest, and various renditions and combinations of Scrubbers continued to appear over the years.

The Original Cast

  • Boss (Jen Marshall):Committed, she ran a tight ship regardless.
  • Burnie (Penny Lowther):Dedication is her middle name.
  • Frances (Kate Clarkson):Away with the fairies—but tries hard.
  • Skye (Soraya del Castillo):Ditzy young beach babe.
  • Vick (Megan Goodwin): Sharp, wired and FAST.
  • Terry (Laury Furney): Pregant mumma with a ciggie in her gob.

Jen Marshall and Kate Clarkson

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