Soraya Del Castillo

For the most part we just followed our hearts. At times we got the shits with each other, something awful would happen, and then we laughed till it hurt or ran in the rain to wash it all off. I loved the connections and being amongst a group who were interested in potentials and ideas. I particularly enjoyed the process of idea to performance and sharing that with the others.

We were so green and that was probably our biggest strength. I think the fierceness of our intention was inspiring. Individually, we cheered each other on and there was an infectiousness to that which will stay with me.

I pretty much worked on everything from the start until I left, forming a strong duo with Penny Lowther as Pam ‘n Dee, performing in the original Bathing Belles, helping to create the South Coast Scrubbers and being part of WOW’s first ever show. It was an absolute joy to watch Laurie (Scrubber and Stilt Mumma) improvise and perform. What a talent!

My favourite memory was meeting a truck carrying our first acro mat at a random spot on the M1 at some god awful hour of the morning—we saved probably $200 bucks that way. That was a classic!

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