No Planet B, 2019

In 2019, under the direction of Fran Curtis, the performance class created their own act in response to the Murray-Darling fish kill. During the act we sing Appalling, a song cleverly written by WOW member Angela James, to the tune of Dean Martin’s famous 1953 hit, That’s Amore (music score by Harry Warren).

No Planet B was first performed and sung at the Project Contemporary Artspace for the EcoArts Australis national conference opening.

Lyrics (Angela James)

When rivers run dry
and the fish start to die
It’s appalling!

When trees lose their leaves
and there are no more bees
It’s appalling!

When the land turns to dust
and we still can’t be fussed,

When birds fall from the sky
and they wither and die
It’s appalling!

When the krill disappear
and the food chain’s just weird
It’s appalling!

When the babies can’t breathe
and the rest of us wheeze,
It’s appalling!

When the water’s polluted
and toxic diluted

When sea water rises
right up to your eyes
When coral is bleaching
’cause oceans are heating
It may be too late
for us all to escape
global warming!

Gabrielle Quigley

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