Neisha Murphy

Oh Wow!

My journey with this fantastic community organisation began in 2005, when I was participating in an internship with Circus Monoxide in Shellharbour. I was working as an assistant to the amazing A-Team of Production Manager Hall Murray, and Artistic Director Alicia Battestini. Through this opportunity I got to meet Jane Davis and Keyna Imray. My little caravan was parked at the lot right next door to Keyna, Jane, along with Ollie’s (the dog’s) caravan, so we got to spend a lot of time together. In the circus you become familiar with people fast because of the confinement of working together closely, the physical rigours of circus life, trust being essential in creative work, and of course the proximity of being so close to people all the time.

To really hammer home this point I can say that after knowing Keyna for just over ONE week, she was trusting and comfortable enough to let me host her 50th Birthday party in the big top! This was a magical opportunity where I met the whole Illawarra circus community and most importantly the infamous Circus WOW. I was blown away by the love, support and generosity that was shown to me and I even met my future girlfriend there that night! One night only (if you were there that night you will absolutely remember that reference)!

I have held a range of roles at Circus WOW since that fateful night in 2005. A director, a trainer, a performer and a supporter of this outstanding organisation that does amazing work in the community by empowering women. I have travelled and lived abroad and wherever I go, I have kept a close tie with the community because Circus WOW is always in my heart.

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