What Stories We Tell

For our 20-year celebration, we asked past and present Circus Wow members to share their journeys and their memories to be included in our exhibition at Wollongong Art Gallery, WOW! What Stories We Tell. With many having more to say than we could easily include, we decided to do them justice by sharing the full text here.

WOW at Helensburgh, 2012

Acquired Taste, 2018

A Grand and Curious Facade, 2006

The Bathing Belles, 2001

The Bubbles Ball, 2006

Cracked, 2018

Finding the Balance, 2016

International Women’s Day, 2017

Flame, 2001

The Most Wuthering Heights Day Ever! 2017

Ignite—A Fire Spectacular, 2003

Kate Clarkson

Managing WOW

Sydney Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras, 2006

No Planet B, 2019

A new song: Ode to WOW, 2016

Aviator Women, 2008

The South Coast Scrubbers

The Strong Women, 2011

Angela James

Cheryle Moore

Ella Hogan’s Circus Story

Ellen Curtis

Emma Khourey

Erin Masters

Heidi Hoops

Jane Davis

Jen Marshall

Libby Bloxham: An Unexpected Journey

Mara Vukasinovic

Maree Alwert

Neisha Murphy

Penelope Lowther

Soraya Del Castillo

Fiona McKay

Wendy Regan

Keyna Imray

Ellen Dunn’s Journey with WOW

The Vault Cabaret

Kobie Clifton

WOW! What Stories We Tell will run from 6 March to 6 June at the Wollongong Art Gallery. We invite you all to come by and share our look back at WOW’s unique 20-year history of women supporting, challenging and celebrating one another in the Illawarra.

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