Kim Irwin

A WOWer from past years, Kim is in the Circus WOW Members Facebook Group. She noticed a comment about singing  and put up her hand to facilitate the brand new 2018 class, Acquired Taste. This is a  WOW vocal group, and Kim’s been working with them to discover what a ‘choir with a unique circus edge’ might actually look, and sound like. Pretty good if you ask those who saw their debut performance at Portraits of WOW, only 12 short weeks after the group first started! Kim loves singing and the joy that comes with it. She is from a family of singers and has sung herself in pubs and clubs. A mental health worker, Kim introduced singing into the rehab where she was working in Melbourne, and was stunned to see how well her clients responded. Singing gradually took on its own life in the program there, challenging even football practice. Her group was finally recognised by her employers who made it part of their official program. Fact: Singing increases magical powers…and improves both mental and physical health.



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