Jemadeekara Lewandowski-Porter

An acro addict, Jem is off to Europe in June 2018 to share some of her talents with the world on the European Busking Circuit Jem has been a fantastic addition to the Circus WOW training team and she also teaches at Circus Monoxide and Burgh Circus. She is generous and flexible, able to fill in as trainer for a a number of different classes. When there was no other trainer, she was also willing to give up half her acrobalance class to lead that class at WOW. ‘I love EVERYTHING about acrobalance,’ Jem says. ‘The thrill, the trust, the learning, the social interaction and the hilarious stuff ups. In acro we have each other’s backs. Literally.’ Jem has a great sense of humour, loves comedic work and working with children. She makes a wonderful pirate, or polar bear!


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