Di McGowan

A long time fitness instructor, Di only discovered hoops at 54 when her body was broken and injured. She could no longer ride her horse or do the exercise she loved doing. Looking for an alternative form of exercise that she could do, she found hoops. Her first lessons were online, then she found Heidi Hillier, Hoopy Happenings with other teachers to help her hone her skills. Sheer concentrated and focused hard work has seen Di not only improve her hooping, but also her body. She swears by hooping as a way to strengthen core muscles, pelvic floor, balance, flexibility and general fitness….if you’re prepared to practice! Di began as a trainer for WOW in 2018 with a new day time Hoopovers class which combines some stretching with hoops with development of hoop skills. Di’s experience as a fitness trainer and as a person who has had injuries helps her to adapt the class for different individuals who have different physical challenges and needs. She also takes Di’s Hula Hoop Fun classes in the Wollondilly Shire where she lives.


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