Libby Bloxham

Libby is a multi-award-winning visual artist. She has long been involved in community work and projects, creating the Bubbles Ball which raised funds for breast cancer in the Illawarra.  She was also the the inspiration for the On the shore outdoor sculpture exhibition that was part of the Thirroul Seaside Festival. It was seeing the Stilt Mamas on really tall stilts pushing really high prams in the 2007 Viva la Gong parade more than 10 years ago that made Libby first go WOW!

Aged 47, she joined the circus high life and is still one of the WOW stiltwalkers frequently seen at community events. Libby also does hoops, and loves to dance. As WOW’s Gigs Manager from 2012-2018,  Libby’s creativity can be seen in many details of gigs and costumes where she has a real knack for making a silk purse out of a sow’s ear, for example, a whole set of costumes out of old lampshades. In  addition to organising gigs, writing quotes and proposals, Libby has written grants for WOW.

What thrills Libby the most about WOW is the combination of using her creativity and physical skills along with the friendships of working with other women to do amazing things.


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