Angela James

Ange is a multi-talented woman – beautiful seamstress, shoe maker, philanthropist, and psychologist whom has been with WOW for many years. She enjoys costuming for Circus WOW, especially the clowning. She made the shoes and most of the clown costumes for One Really Big Circus Show in 2016. Ange has been making costumes for over 40 years, and shoe making for 10 years. She attends the Performance Club and clowning classes but took some time off in 2017 to enjoy the wonderful status of grandmother. Ange has been on the committee for many years, usually taking care of matters pertaining to renting and organisation of spaces. It was through Ange we were lucky to come under the great umbrella of SwitchFit Gym and the generous Tom and Terri Bowen. Ange says “WOW is a great group for women”.


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