Previous Committees

Strong (Wo)men Act performed at a recent One Really Big Circus Show.
Strong (Wo)men Act performed at a recent One Really Big Circus Show.
“Standing on the shoulders of giants.”
—Bernard Chartes, 12th Century

Circus WOW would like to thank and acknowledge the significant contributions made by previous Committee members. It is through their motivation, experience and areas of expertise which have contributed to further build Circus WOW, which has allowed the Women of Wollongong to gain access to a fun and vibrant community of people.

Pictured is Ellen de Jong standing on the shoulders of Chantelle Pickett. But there are many shoulders to stand on for this Act. When Ellen couldn’t come to Viva La Gong, Jem worked on the act with Chantelle… reworked it in a bit of a different way. We now have two current versions – same costumes, different people. Credit goes to the original Strong (Wo)men Act was created by Libby, Gaetane and Jen Marshall. It has been performed with different people adding a different character to it each time including Jen Webster, Louise London, Ella Hogan.

2021 Committee

Laura Hammersley—Chair; President; Ellen Curtis—Vice; Elle McOmish—Secretary; Emma Khourey—Treasurer/Bookkeeper; Ella Hogan—Public Officer; Jane Davis, Shelly A, Sarah Fitzgerald, Elise Doyle, Caitlin Fahey, Dee Milenkovic and Michele Kirstidis—committee members.

2020 Committee

Ellen Curtis—Chair; President; Korinne Brown—Vice; Renata Field—Secretary; Emma Khourey—Treasurer/Bookkeeper; Ella Hogan—Public Officer; Jane Davis, Angela James, Laura Hammersley and Sarah Fitzgerald—committee members.

2019 Committee

Ellen Curtis—Chair; President; Fran Curtis—Vice; Fiona McKay—Secretary; Ella Whyman—Treasurer; Ella Hogan—Public Officer; Libby Bloxham—Gigs Coordinator; Ella Whyman—Bookkeeper; Gabrielle Quigley, Tammy Davidson, Angela James, Sophia Belgrove and Helen Richards—committee members.

2013 Committee

Ellen Curtis—President; Stacey Hansknecht—Vice president; Kate Clarkson—Secretary; Jen Webster—Treasurer; Ellen Dunn—Public Officer; Libby Bloxham—Performance and Outreach Coordinator; Ella Hogan, Helen Richards, Angela James—committee members.

2018 Committee

Fiona McKay—Chair; President; Gabrielle Quigley—Vice; Ellen Curtis—Secretary; Sharon Pusell—Treasurer; Ella Hogan—Public Officer; Libby Bloxham—Gigs Coordinator; Ella Whyman—Bookkeeper; Chantel Pickett, Angela James—committee members.

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