Management Committee

Laura Hammersley

Laura’s WOW story is coming soon!

Elise Doyle

Vice Chair / Membership Officer

Elise started with Circus WOW in 2019 when she joined the Acquired Taste choir.

Caitlin Fahey


Caitlin’s WOW Story is coming soon!

Emma Khourey

A Wollongong local,  Emma has made circus performance her career. Initially specialising in hula hoops, Emma extended her skills through long hard hours of study in China. Her most awesome trick is riding a giraffe unicycle while throwing something balanced on one foot into a bowl balanced on her head! Emma is a woman of many talents, a versatile clown and teacher  with growing experience as an Mistress of Ceremonies (MC). As her stage character, Tina Green, Emma MCed Portraits of WOW, providing funny and sensitive links between acts which ranged from lighthearted and silly to emotionally challenging. As Miss Wollongong she worked with stunt double, Nat Harris, setting everyone laughing at her flow of consciousness commentary to Nat on the lyra. Having directed a hoop and aerial act in the classes she teaches, she then had a quick change and joined in the energetically joyful Golden Gaytimes acrobalance act, the grand finale of the show. As well as teaching, Emma served on the Management Committee and as Training Coordinator in 2016.

Jane Davis

Training Coordinator
Jane has been a WOW woman since the beginning of time and for the last 18 years she has lived and breathed circus. Multi-talented, Jane developed a wide range of circus skills specialising in aerials and acrobalance. She can teach everything! Jane was the original teacher when WOW began classes for children. These quickly proved to be very popular and christened Half High. When Half High went to Circus Monoxide, Jane followed and was the Director of Circus Monoxide for a number of years. Jane’s hours of teaching then reducing greatly as she covered all the administration needed for a professional circus company, a move of premises and a changing world. Since having her children, Jane has continued teaching at both WOW and Monoxide. Over the years Jane has directed many acts and shows for both companies including I wanna be, And imagine…, One Really Big Circus Show, and recently, The silence we carry and Portraits of WOW. 

Sarah Fitzgerald

Performance Coordinator
Sarah’s WOW story is coming soon!


Social Coordinator / Fundraising

Shelley’s WOW story is coming soon!

Sarah Stevenson

General Member

Sarah’s WOW story is coming soon!

Ali Kimborough

General Member

Ali’s WOW story is coming soon!

Michele Kristidis

Fundraising Officer

Michele’s Circus WOW story is coming soon!

Ellen de Jong

Safety Officer

Ellen’s WOW story is coming soon!

Wren Sparkle

General Member

Wren’s WOW story is coming soon!

Jackie Summers

General Member

Jackie’s WOW story is coming soon!

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