Classes and Bookings


See our current timetable on this link

There’s a class for women (18+) of all ages and fitness. No experience required. All you need is a sense of play and adventure!

Some of the classes and workshops we may offer through the year are:

  • Aerials: trapeze, aerial silks, lyra – try them all and see what you like best.
  • Acro-balance: also known as adagio or human pyramids involves standing/sitting and balancing on one another and includes duo work and ensembles.
  • Hula Hoops: learn to twirl you hoop around the waist, limbs or neck, juggle it and do lots of other tricks!
  • Balancing arts: including stilts, unicycle,  tight-wire (low to the ground, not way up in the air!)
  • Object manipulation: juggling, poi, hoops
  • Clowning and physical theatre
  • Introduction to Circus: a taste of many of the above – a great way to start!

When opportunities come up for performance, it’s a great way for class participants to share their skills and progress with family and friends or to a wider audience. Performing is optional.


For Bookings, go to Trybookings to enrol and pay for your class on this link.

Booking secures your place in a class. If you don’t have a card to book online through, please email and ask about a payment plan.

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