Acts For Hire

Here you can find some established acts and characters WOW has provided for events. Many of these are still available for hire.

Please contact us if you are interested in any these acts, or if you have a special concept in mind!

High Kinks

Corsets and stripes make these dramatic costumes sing and will add glamour and style to your event. Roving stilt performers. Concept, choreography and costume design by Mara Vukasinovic.


The Medieval Court Dance

Go back in time to an era of finery with these medieval styled costumes. The roving stilt performers  can  be hired as a 3 minute court dance performance with 6-8 performers. Performed here at Viva la Gong festival.

circus WOW costumes-12rsz_dsc_1030rsz_dsc_1069

(Costumes and choreography by Libby Bloxham.)

Girl Guides

What have we here? Our girl guides will show you how things should be done. They’ve had proper training! Stiltwalkers and on ground performers. Could include hoop, poi or juggle.


(Created in professional development with Circus Solaris funded by Wollongong City Council Cultural Services.)

Christmas Angels

Shining their light over Wollongong and wishing you all peace and joy for Christmas are our 3 stiltwalking Christmas angels. They are available for roving performances.


(Costumes created by Libby Bloxham.)


Here they come to save the day, our superheroes are on their way! Faster than a speeding bullet etc: Roving stiltwalkers and/or on-ground performers.

circus WOW costumes-5

(Costumes by Ella Hogan, Angela James, Li lin Chee and Libby Bloxham.)

The Ski Bunnies

Here’s trouble! This act is all about the apre ski. Combining comedy and acrobatic skills this performance is a wild ride! Four person 3-4 minute act. So much fun!

ski bunniesski bunnies dance

(Concept by Cheryl Moore. Created by performers as a troupe.)

The South Coast Scrubbers

A hilarious romp through the waves with the girls of the South Coast life savers. Larrikin clowning and acro-balance come together in this 5-6 person 4 minute performance.

Srubbers at TaDa Cabaret 2003 Penny, Kate, Soraya, Megan, Laurie 001Scrubbers 001

(Created by Penny Lowther and Soraya del Castillo with direction from Maryke Del Castillo and Alycia Battestini and choreography by Wendy Regan.)

The Amelia Aviators

Celebrating our famous woman of flight we present the three Amelias and their crazy ground crew. Stiltwalking rovers with a good dose of comedy.

rsz_avaitors_champaign(1)'The Aviators'

(Concept by Cheryl Moore, Costume design by Imogen Ross, Stilt choreography by Wendy Regan. Ground crew created by Maree Alwert and Kate Clarkson.)

The Bathing Belles

Harking back to the early days of synchronised swimming, this beautiful and gentle performance warms the heart and puts a smile on your face. Initially an acro balance act dating from the early days of Circus WOW with creation and direction by Penny Lowther and Soraya Del Castillo, Bathing Belles has had a recent revival as a 3-4 minute hoop act with 6 or 8 gorgeous bathing belles and choreography by Helen Richards, direction by Wendy Regan and Heidi Hillier.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAwow_bubble_ball photo@gaetane claire

The Strong (wo)Men

Their strength is unbelievable. Their French accents even worse. Yes! they can lift that plank and set it up for the ballerinas to dance upon. But who is the strongest? ‘Surely it is zis one, noh noh! it is surely ze ozer one!’ Comedy and acrobatics combine in act. Can be performed as a 4 minute stage act but best as a roving performance involving the kids in the audience as they roam around setting up their plank.

WOW women day-11libby7

(Created by Libby Bloxham, Gaetane Potard and Jen Marshall. Costume by Angela James.)

The Lampshade Ladies

Made completely from recycled lampshades and other recycled materials these costumes are available for on-ground or stiltwalking roving performances


(Created by Libby Bloxham.)

rsz_166896_10150640918572082_1702805773_nViva La Gong 2011

The Insect Band

On stilts or on-ground, this band of insects will add a real buzz to your party or festival. As a music/noise making band, with bangalele, drum and kazoo-a-buzzing or flying about and dancing to your own music or perhaps displaying their object manipulation skills, they’ll entertain and surprise.


(Costumes created in Professional development with Circus Solaris and also by Libby Bloxham.)

The Nancies

Named for Nancy Sinatra, The Nancies give a 3-4 minute acrobatic performance often involving some object manipulation – hoops, poi, juggle etc. There can be between 4 and 10 Nancies at any given time. Fancy that!

nancies at treasures 2009

(Created with support from Merrigong Theatre Co, developed in the Bob Pete Studio. Concept and direction by Cheryl Moore and choreography by Wendy Regan. Further development saw new choreography by Circus WOW acrobatic group members.)

The Red, White and Black Circus

Add some Wow to your event with our general circus costuming. Roving on- ground and stiltwalking performers available with object manipulation skills -hoop, poi, juggle.

Illawarra Folk Festival 2013IMG_7689IMG_7752

Pardon Me, Boys!

A dazzling three-person hoop and poi act set to the big band music of Chatanooga Choo Choo.


(Created by Libby Bloxham in collaboration with Helen Richards and Amanda Davenport.)


Pick a Colour


Having a colour themed event? Just let us know, we’ll go to town with your colour choice and provide roving on-ground or stiltwaking performers with various fabulous accessories and/or object manipulation skills.

circus WOW costumes-32

(Pictured costumes by Libby Bloxham.)

Circus Workshops

We can provide qualified and experienced trainers to run a circus workshop for you. We do workshops for adults, kids or all ages together. Popular choices are hoops, acrobalance, object manipulation, tightwire or we have a fun balance workshop for littlies involving the Strong(wo)men’s plank and a suitcase full of circus dressups.

IMG_0245IMG_7645adagio switchfit14272608703540_resized